Kim Kardashian’s Game Developer Takes Perry for A New Ride

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It seems that simulation games has become a big hit this 2015. Take for example EA’s new mobile game that we discussed in a previous post. This time its Glu Mobile and they hope to develop a character simulation game from the very famous singer, Katy Perry. In fact, it was just last month when they signed an exclusive contract with the vocalist to develop a new video game that will feature her personality and voice in the new game series.

katy perry kim kardashian

The publisher says that the game will be released worldwide and would most likely be a free to play game which is available for the iOS users and Android as well. If you remember last year, Glu Mobile had success with its Kim Kardashian game which was also one of its big earning game. Unfortunately, it quickly lost popularity as other newer gamers took over its position. Although there many claim to hack kim kardashian Hollywood, this did not however affect the earnings the Glu generated from the franchise.

The Kim fan base composed of about 76 Million from facebook, twitter and instagram and this is where Glu banked from as multiple tweets and news where used to feed the hungry fans that eventually turned to players and ultimately money pots. With comparison, the Katy Perry fan is much larger and bigger as her social media network estimates to about 150 Million followers. With this in mind, Glu analysts says that their deal with Katy will surely increase their profit this year and their estimates will probably be more accurate.

Glu CEO say that their new approach of mobile gaming that focuses on huge celebrity people will create a new wave of gamers that want a new gaming experience. This is the second game that Glu will be releasing that highlights this kind of business model.

The game is said to be released late fall this year. Many Katy Perry fans are already excited about the news

BattleField Hardline – Coming Soon

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While SimCity Buildit is the latest hot game from EA games, there is however another special something brewing in the kitchens of EA developers. This is BattleField Hardline and we re expecting to see it this coming March 2015. It is another Strategy game with all the speed and battle that most gamers would love to see and play and with the stunning graphics the developers has prepared, along with the array of gameplays inside, this is a sure hit.

The game is now running on Beta mode with only a selected  few players given special privileges and under close monitoring of the dev team so they can further evaluate the game.  But from the looks of the trailer, this game sure has high screen violence that not suitable for every ages.

GTA franchise evolution

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For more than five years from the launch of Grand Theft Auto 4, open-world games have actually transformed a fair bit. Video games like Infamous and also Saints Row chose to empower the player as well as making the gameplay so much easier. Saints Row even took the spot from GTA and became the new standard. But good thing the new GTA 5 was released and came back the glory to its origins.

review gta 5

So what makes GTA 5 stand among the rests? Is it about the games’ unique story line? Or is it the gameplay itself?Let’s take a closer look, shall we. GTA 5 has 3 protagonists, however the story actually centers around Michael de Santos, a retired BANK robber that has gone into some form of witness protection program after a heist went wrong. Early in the game he meets Franklin, a low-level troublemaker who has long for doing more with himself. After Michael returns into the heist video game his aged companion Trevor catches wind of his old friend’s ventures and seeks him out.

The composition associated with those major personalities and also their stories is the very best component of Grand Theft Auto V, in my honest opinion. It strikes a strange tone that sometimes drifts into comedy, particularly the subplot entailing Michael’s estranged household, each one of whom assume he’s sort of a washed-up joke that’s instantly become an aged psychopath. Yet at some point in the game, it is actually very serious.   Franklin’s motivations to sticking close to his 2 old bank burglars feel a little slim and a bit questionable and not ordinary.

However, once you take into account, the game runs all over the game’s map with all the unique twists and turns. The radio, its talk shows, as well as its news clips — all are classic Grand Theft Auto, showing and making fun of the idiom “American Dream” and everything else that follows it. A bunch of the radio babble, hilarious as it can be, ends up giving the video game an almost classic feel. It’s things that begins and also advises you of all those other times you invested with a Grand Theft Car video game, listening to the authors’ ridiculing take on America.

Yet this time you can slot in financial bailouts, including TV issues as the subjects that pop up around the world as well as remind you that it was composed for 2013, not 2004. It would have been fantastic to see this aspect of the video game advance a little bit more, from a newer perspective.

As it stands, all of it feels expected and also unadventurous, barely the attacking satire that it seemed like in past outings. Presentationally, however, it is fantastic, by applying report that connection into the major goals and a sharp, varied selection of music … even if the simple idea of turning on a terrestrial radio in this day and also age comes off as a little quaint. In some cases, the tone of the radio and the dopey lines coming out of pedestrians as you work your method around the city really feel dramatically up in arms by applying the tone of the actual missions.

A City in Your Phone? Play SimCity Buildit

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simcity buildit review

EA continues to amaze the gaming community. In its last release, the former game that everybody loved only available in the PC is now available in the mobile platform. At first, I was very skeptical about the game and how it would run on my slow processing android phone. You see, I am very much aware of SimCity and I have played it for a long time.  This simulation game was actually one of my favorite because it puts you in the role of being the head of a City, taking charge of the needs of your Sims and making sure that they will enjoy their stay in your city.

My first concern was the graphic and processing requirement that the game would require.  If you remember the older versions of the game which was only available in PC, it required so much processing and graphic power.  To  my surprise, it actually did well when I started to play it on my Android phone.  Although on my first few hours of gameplay, I experienced a few game crash. Probably it was because my phone’s was full apps. So a removed a few applications and started my simcity game again. And yes, it no longer crashed.

simcity buildit reviewOn the download page of google play, I noticed some complaints. One of them is the very long period of waiting to produce building materials. This however, I think just requires smarter strategy.

Here is my humble opinion.  When you first start the game, you will easily be tempted to add so many residential lots.  Population growth is the very first concern when you start the game and if you are used to the old game, add only a few lots for sim house is not normal because the old game had a very wide space for you to build your city.  So you put up so many residential but your money will quickly run out because you will have to add more power supply and water supply.  But comes a new problem. When you population grows, you will suddenly be promoted that your sims need fire protection or sewage lines. And with your simoleons very low, you will be forced to upgrade your residential houses which again requires some building materials. It’s ok if its only steel or wood because the building time is just a few minutes but when it requires the other higher materials, you will have to wait a little longer. And with unhappy sims, your population will quickly go down.  This is probably why many would look for a simcity buildit cheat tool so they can use it to add more money and simcash.  It is some sort of a game trick or game mod as others would call it but I have not resorted to that kind of action yet.  Although it is very tempting to use because of the very high level gamers I see in youtube.

So you see, it is a matter of proper game plan.  You have to have the necessary saving so that when the need arises, you have enough money to buy the needed utility for your sims.

This game is very fun and addictive.  I have already spend a good and substantial amount of time playing it and I must say that EA has certainly done a great job in developing this game and introducing it to the iOS and Android platform.  Plus it is a freemium game meaning you can download it for free and immediately start playing.  It is the in game purchases that are a big high and costly but if you have a great game plan, you probably won’t feel the need to purchase any simcash.

So if you love simulation game, give this one a try.